We need hard work!

We need a good first step to reach the top, its is important thing before we do anything. Just like this picture 🙂 Sometimes we feel the first step is hard, but we will never know until we try do the best.
We never no what’s like the next steps in front of us, and it’s important to get ready.
I am not a good climber actually, and also I am a not good hard worker, I think.
he only word that I know is doing our best.
It doesn’t matter it’s work or not, the result good or not, or even it’s failed. The most important we know, that we’ve try our best.

Step by step, we must do it! never give up!

When we are got the top, just try to look behind, are we have doing our best in right way? and we must evaluate our work.

I think its the meaning of hard work!


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